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The Arthur Findlay College

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

The Arthur Findlay College is a College of Spiritualism & Studies of Spiritual Sciences at Stansted Hall, UK. Rachel has been trained in the field of Mediumship, Trance & Physical Mediumship Development whilst in her early years of development as a Medium.

It's all about love...

Death, I am told, is as easy and as simple as going to sleep and then awakening. Our etheric body slips out of the physical body, carrying the mind with it, and we awake to our new surroundings to find our friends and relations ready to help and instruct us in our new life. Death is simply the severance of this etheric body or structure from the physical body. The physical body returns to earth, and the etheric body, controlled by the mind, continues to function in the etheric world which, though within and also without the physical, yet cannot be appreciated by us so long as we are inhabitants of the physical body. Our range of sight and touch is too confined for us to appreciate these finer vibrations.

J. ARTHUR FINDLAY, On the Edge of the Etheric

The Journey of Mediumship is not an easy one, it takes a strong mind to be able to define the refined subtle connections that are made between the spirit & the human mind. One must be able to give full awareness to the Spirit when connecting, leaving all thoughts of daily life behind.

Mediumship to my knowledge is a natural ability within the work we do as a conduit for Spirit, it can be understood & sharped with study. The Arthur Findlay College is a great place for History & techniques to bring you closer to your calling.

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