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  • Rachel Beavan

A spiritual journey of physical healing.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Whilst practising on a rugby field, Trevor had an accident that took him on a long journey of recovery. He was told it was unlikely that he would walk again after the accident, diagnosed quadriplegic.

6 months of Spiritual Healing done by Rachel Beavan, Trevor took his first steps. Five years of Physiotherapy & Trevor is walking again.

Trevor has written a very inspirational book called, TSB - Confessions of an Ex-Hooker (Aged 66 & a half) a.k.a. purchased on Amazon, UK.

"Don't Stop Believin'.

There is a full chapter in Trevor's book on the healing he received & his 6 months journey with Rachel's work.

Healing, whatever one wishes to call it Reiki, Pranic, etc. The power of spiritual healing, with the power of your own thoughts & mind can create miracles. Positive thinking, with a positive attitude, inspiring others & sharing your own personal experiences with the world is indeed service. A fantastic review for Rachel's work!

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