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  • Rachel Beavan

Spiritual Guides & Assessments

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Yellow Wolf, Spiritual Guide, Companion, Friend & Torch of Light. Yellow Wolf is Rachel's main Spiritual Guide. He has been physically seen by a few, he has spoken directly to many & has touched a thousand hearts.

Yellow Wolf made himself known to Rachel in her early 20's with his name, of course it took a few more years for him to be full noticed. During a Trance Session where the energies mould with the medium & guide, during a deep form of meditation he introduced himself properly to Rachel. Wth the information provided during the trance like state Rachel did some research on his last incarnation on earth, where she found a book that was written with regards to his story here on earth.

"The whites told only one side. Told it to please themselves. Told much that is not true. Only his own best deeds, only the worst deeds of the Indians, has the white man told."

– Yellow Wolf

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