Hi Rachel , I’m sorry to bother you it’s Stella I saw you last week and my dad came through . I wanted to share a story , in our reading he was laughing at the boiled eggs , u nor I had any idea what this was about ! As it turns out he used to boil them in the kettle which my mam would find when she went to make a cup of tea ! It made us chuckle yesterday on his 8 month anniversary. I also just wanted to say thank you for what you do , you’ve brought a lot of comfort personally to me and my family,   I’m really grateful . Wishing you a splendid day and many many thanks again xxx Stella


Thanks Rachel. It was very insightful. I miss my dad so thanks 🙏🏻 Dina


Hi Racheal. How are you. The test results of my wife's tissue match with mine were released today. Seems it's a perfect match . Doc says it's almost like we were blood relations. Thank God for everything and a big thank YOU ! Now we decide the date for the actual surgery. Rohit

Thank you for the experience! Got the reassurance i need.. Thanks so much! Carissa

Dear Rachel,
I think back to yesterday with a very warm heart.

So amazing but so lovely, my father.
Thank you, Jacqueline

Dear Rachel, my sincere thanks for the session yesterday, as always it was
incredible helpful.   I hope your own session proved just as helpful to you.  Rachel

Hi Rachel, thanks for the session last week 😀 I passed on the
messages to my dad and he could take them. Also I'm pretty sure the lady was my nana may - my dads mum. Let me know the details of your next workshop that you think would be suitable for me thanks, Lara




I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful workshop this afternoon, I'm in absolute awe of what I experienced and felt that I should share what I have found, especially after coming home and doing some reading on the name 'Uriel' which was the name presented to me by the spirit being during our final meditation.   I had asked the archangel Uriel some specific questions regarding a case my parents are facing; It turns out he is an archangel and is one of the most powerful archangels and is associated with the unimaginable light of God which gives you (us) illumination...he is also the saint of prophecy and the angel of destiny and he provided me with some very clear answers.  Another crazy thing is that the color of the flame of the Archangel Uriel is ruby, and I am wearing a ruby around my neck!!


Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to connect!!




Dear Rachel,


I just want to say Thank you so much. I cannot put my finger on it, but I feel very differently since my reading last week. I guess it is the comfort I have gained, which is immeasurable.

I could have sat for hours and asked a million questions, as the whole thing fascinates me.

Best wishes,




Hi!  Just to let you know. I informed mum on everything. I'm not sure if you remembered the details but everything added up. The drinking and politics and sadness and guilt when he left the children in a home. He stayed in sand town. Her mum tried to kill herself once. On dad's side. Yes he had money and was middle class and worked in banking etc. So just thought I'd let you know. Was interesting because i knew nothing about them :)

Take care and I'll come back for past life one in not too distant future. Once things calm down.


Nicola x


Hiya Rachel, 


Too freaky for words, Steve's friends were visiting on holiday last week, she is pregnant and said she thinks it was a wee girl, if it was she would call it Molly, as per your notes. OMG I turned white as a ghost!


Thanks Xx


Divine Wishes


Dear Rachel,


I just want to express my sincere gratitude for my session with you yesterday. Wow, you amazed me.  I feel so much at ease after yesterday and slept like a baby last night.  I had not realised how restless I was having so many unanswered questions. I truly believe our paths crossed for a reason. Thank you so much Rachel.  Please continue to do what you do. You are an absolute blessing to so many I’m sure.

Till we meet again.

Love and Light


Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the very good reading you gave me on July 3, 2012.  Contact with my father through you.  That is always good and the advice received is excellent. My finances.  What you said was very accurate with very good advise.  My friends.  Your comments on my blonde lady friend are exactly as it is.  My business.  What you said about the 2 little children is stunningly accurate.  I am very impressed.  Love.  Thanks a lot for the good news you gave me.  Love is most important and you are very good on this subject.  No wonder since you say on the your website: Its all about Love.

Love and light,


Hi Rachel

I had my first private sitting with you last Thursday evening and i just want to sincerely thank you for your time.  I have had a few sittings in the past and nothing as inspirational as you The messages from the spirit have somehow given me a new sense of hope & optimism & I look forward in fondness to the good things in the near future. Joy


Dear Rachel,


I had my first private sitting with you last Thursday evening and I just want to sincerely thank you for your time.  I had been to different sittings in the past but nothing is as inspirational as you. 


My relationship and financial state are currently in an unpredictable mode of being up one moment and down the next. But the messages and predictions from the spirits have somehow given me a new sense of hope and optimism as I look forward with fondness to the good things that are possible to happen in the near future.


Rachel, thank you for being an instrument of love.

Yours faithfully,



Hi Rachel,

I did a couple of sessions with you in which you were the Medium.  Some of the messages you gave me have come true and  I wanted to let you know about this.  I had a session with you in November 2009 and again in February 2010.  In November you said that I would be leaving Dubai in March 2010 and I said that was virtually impossible - however you know the spiirt world better...... on the 31st March, I decided to resign my job as they questioned my integrity and there and then decided to move to New Zealand!  Once I made that decision, I even got a job and am here FINALLY - arrived on the 23rd July.

My son Nikhil,
who you also saw is back in Canada as you said he would be.


Hi Rachel,

Thank you for the session this morning.  It was an experience I won't forget and it has given me a lot to think about as well.  Lora 


Hi Rach,

Jess says you were amazing! She sounds (and feels) much more settled and excited for her future now.


Thank you so much me lady!


I knew my baby wasn't gone! Rachel today is the 10th Day from the day of my reading and I found him at Villa 27 just like you said! I love you! I am so happy! He's back. Skinny & upset but back! My heart is so happy! Sharene



I have almost completed my write up of the whole week which was truly amazing but as so much happened during the week it is already 11 pages long!! Rachel was amazing and she certain made us all "feel" the unexplainable. 



Hi Rachel


We are back in our home in South Africa.  Thank you for all your correct predictions.


Love and light


Hi Rachel!
First of all an overdue HUGE thank you for being so
incredibly accurate about what was to happen to me. You are incredibly talented as a medium!
Completely out of the blue, the guy I met on the evening of the first day of our course (and whom you told me about the following day when you turned over the Ace of Cups) turned up at a social do I was having at my house just 2 weeks later.
So Rachel, your reading and the subsequent events that unfolded probably mark the
most incredible event that has happened to me for many, many years. Fingers crossed that it all continues to unravel in some of the exciting ways foretold. Once again heartfelt thanks for everything. 

Much love Audrey 


Hi Rachel
Thanks for the reading today - it was a really
amazing experience, a lot of things seemed to make sense.


Hi Rachel,  

I thank you so much for my reading yesterday.  Now i know where to head to and how to handle the ups and downs coming on my way.

You are doing an impressive work guiding people along their journey.

God bless u always.



Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for the reading on Wednesday. It helps to know where I am heading. I just need to get started. Will keep you updated.



You gave me a reading 18 months ago as i came to you with a financial situation I was in, what you said absolutely accurate to the date, thank you so much, the payment was received to the date given by my family in the spirit world.  Your descriptions of my  loved ones were also exceptionally accurate.  Your work is helping so many people and i would like to thank you personally for all your hard work.




A quick message to say how accurate you were on so many aspects of what my grandfather passed through to you, it was spot on!  Also the information you gave of the description of my grandfather was amazing, i asked you one question that only my grandfather, brother and myself knew & this just blew me away.



Thank you so much rachel for the reading,

The evidence you gave me on my mother was quite profound and information shared touched my heart in so many ways.  Not only did my mother come through but you also brought through many other family members. 


Hi Rachel,

We really enjoyed our reading and I’ve been able to pass on some of the things you’ve said to my family. The funny thing is, that night we got a call from Malcolm 2nd eldest (of 4) to say she was pregnant. You did mention something about one of the 2 eldest getting pregnant…but don’t think anyone expected it that soon….funny how things come about I guess.

Thank you.



What a brilliant weekend! Thank you so much for helping us through this process... none of us will ever be the same again! Freaky! We've already agreed to meet next Fri at Rasha's, which is lovely.

Love Audrey 


Hi Rachel

Just wanted to let you know that we finally got that job! Both of us in the same company & it is the one starting with the initial T just like you told us.

Thank you.

Miguel & Lara

Hi Rachel

I deeply deeply apperciate your help. You actually helped save my life with the last reading you did for me, we moved back to UK and am on right treatment for Parkinson .

Thank you deeply.



Hi Rachel 

Wishing you great and magical things for 2010 and I too look forward to working with you in the New Year. Have a blessed blessed Christmas and I thank the angels for bringing your unique and special gifts into this world to heal and help humanity like you have done so with me. 

Warmest Regards, 


Hi Rach,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Thank you for everything! You are amazing.

many many thanks to you..


Hi Rachel,

I wanted to thank you. I didn't think I would feel this at peace, my mind is a lot clearer! Your doing a beautiful thing and helping a lot of people am sure. I envy you and I hope one day I will do the same. I will keep in touch I think your such a beautiful person!


Hi Rachel

It was really special to sit with you and talk through all my emotions of late and connect with you spiritually. It was seriously just what my soul needed at the time and I found it so smooth and nourishing.

I wish you all wonderful and great things in your life and thank you for bringing your special gifts and talents to this earth and following through on all accounts so that you can become a beckon of light for those of us walking their journey.

Love and light and heartfelt gratitude for everything.

Love Amanda

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for a unique experience, I am still in awe and at times bewildered by the whole thing.


Dear Rachel.

I was wondering if you like to know some result of your work? :o))

I have been very emotional after I left you.It was actually a very new knowledge for me and so it took me some time to organise all the new things in my head.

I have delivered as a first the message to my father from my mother.  It was very very emotional and he was very quietly listening. I was actually not sure how he will accept it but he did.  But something strange happened , he softened or what and the next day he send me very nice ( for him very unusal) message.

When it comes to my son crying I noticed I dont get so frustrated and I take it much easier then before.It is such a relief and I just cant believe how much the pass influence us.

I am happy I come to you.You helped me to be calmer mother.  Thank you again Rachel!

I believe I will visit you one more time.I am still in pain with my back and legs and it is limiting my life.

I wish you all the best.Please cuddle your cat for me.

Take care


Hey thanks for me mum,

She is alot more positive and getting into healing action.

Thanks and blessings


Hi Rachel, 

Thanks for much for the Trance Workshop! Rosalbas in great form shes so interested in trance mediumship now, when she tells people about Dubai its mainly about your course! Thanks again for that. Her head is buried in the JJ Morse book at the moment. 

Regards to Magic





Thank you so much for everything. I am sure that I am on my way to be healed and can like-wise pass it on.

I feel the cool energy flow on my hands often and even my hubby felt it too:)

Love and light to you my angel on earth..

Have a lovely day and god bless you with all of your talents in healing. You are doing god's work.


Hi Rachel,

I have to say a huge big thank you for my reading on Thurs nite. I really felt a sense of peace and a little closure with my dad.

Take care.

love, light and blessings.


Hello Rachel1 Just an update on Kristian's improvement:still! He is good and articulate and much calmer since he does manage to express his thoughts clearly. Thank you many times.....in love and light.....Cadence


Hi Rach

Good morning!

Thanks very much for yesterday, the experience was absolutely fantastic.. Words can not describe the experience that I felt on my spiritual journey..



Dear Rachel , I am very happy to reply with good feed back on Kristian's ability to clearer express his thoughts in the last 2 days !

I was talking to my husband yesterday and he noticed too, that Kristian was more eloquent when telling his stories to dad and the sentences seemed to be longer with good grammatical order, which previously wasn't always the case, i.e. he used to be very quick, out of impatience, to tell what he had in mind, yet, now, it is completely different experience with him. He seemed to be calmer too,wasn't arguing very much nor too convincing ..... other remark would be about his last night's dreams that he was not able to connect, but he did say that some bees were chasing him on some roof, I think, and also, another part of the dream was about me, how I was yelling at him for loosing some car keys .......then , in the same one, there was an unknown man involved for whom I said to Kristian that wasn't good and he shouldn't talk to him.....he used to have some violent dreams before too, used to tell me about them that he felt scared.But I was always connecting them with his constant browsing and watching dinosaur's fights on the internet where there's always blood and screaming and torture , because he loved such things.Bad dreams don't happen so often, say, once in ten days.

He also got some good grades in his school in the last couple of days and all in all, he was noticeably better! I thought these were great news and wanted to convey them to you as quick as I could.

(Kristian is my 17 year old son with special needs)

Thank you so much, Rachel! Appreciate your noble gestures and work.......will update you with further on noticeable changes........ 



Hi Rachel

'First of all, thanks so much for helping me. I enjoyed meeting you and have had no problems sleeping since. I really appreciate what you did'


Hi Rachel thank you.What you did was not only touching and selfless, but helped two peolpe i care about very much.Thank you for being you LnL Karen. xx



Thank you for bringing my grandfather & dad through, the evidence you gave me was amazing.


Hi Rachel

I just want to say that I love your meditations & sleep like a baby afterwards, thanks.



The Introduction was great - it was interesting, interactive and has inspired me to put more energy in my spiritual life


It was the calling and the timing which asked my soul to be there..It was a wonderful journey, Rachel is compassionate and gifted. The introduction lead the group in to a new exciting journey.Zak 

Intelligent woman who knows what she is doing. I love the group! Amazing people ... Awesome energy! Priceless experience and highly recommended. Rachel ... You are a star!!


I had a great hypnotherapy session the other day, I did love to meet you again some time, regarding clairvoyance and future intuitions. I can see a very drastic change in me, I feel very positive and focused. Thanks a lot for everything. 



Dear Rachel,

I would like to thank you for the past life regression that you did for me last saturday. It was really great, it makes me analyze and understand some behaviors in my actual life, I have been so lucky to meet you. 

God bless you,

Jean pierre

Dear Rachel,

Reading came true:

I don't know if you remember you gave me a reading - I think it was in the beginning og 2008. You saw a tall, dark younger man coming in to my life and he was supposed to be the right one for me. I february this year I met such a man and everything has happened very fast. I am engaged to be married.

Thank you. 


Hello Rachel,

I would justs like to thank you so much for the reading you have just given me, I have confirmed most of what you told me and cant wait for the rest .

thank you so much l&l