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Hi Rachel , I’m sorry to bother you it’s Stella I saw you last week and my dad came through . I wanted to share a story , in our reading he was laughing at the boiled eggs , u nor I had any idea what this was about ! As it turns out he used to boil them in the kettle which my mam would find when she went to make a cup of tea ! It made us chuckle yesterday on his 8 month anniversary. I also just wanted to say thank you for what you do , you’ve brought a lot of comfort personally to me and my family,   I’m really grateful . Wishing you a splendid day and many many thanks again xxx Stella


Hi!  Just to let you know. I informed mum on everything. I'm not sure if you remembered the details but everything added up. The drinking and politics and sadness and guilt when he left the children in a home. He stayed in sand town. Her mum tried to kill herself once. On dad's side. Yes he had money and was middle class and worked in banking etc. So just thought I'd let you know. Was interesting because i knew nothing about them :)

Take care and I'll come back for past life one in not too distant future. Once things calm down.