Spiritual Trance Healing Workshop in Appleton Thorn, Cheshire

Trance Healing Workshop in Appleton Thorn, Cheshire, UK.

Rachel Beavan

De Angelus

Advanced Healing Workshop that can offer alternatives for certified

Pranic/Theta/Reiki Healing Practitioners

28 & 29th September 2019

10am - 5pm Sat

Rachel is a spiritual trance healer/medium & communicator & has been trained at the Arthur Findlay College, famous mediumship school in the UK. Rachel has assisted many who have had physical illness successfully & one of her client's has successfully written a book regarding his recovery, please see the main page for more details. A full chapter is written regarding spiritual healing & the assistance of Trevor's recovery.

Rachel will teach you the techniques to go into altered states through a form of meditative practice & assist you in making connections with guides, practice & dedication is needed to achieve higher level goals of healing. All training is given via the highest level of mediumship development.

The art of shifting consciousness to a state of over-shadowing,

mind to mind linking with Spiritual Guardians/Guides.

First you will be taught the meditative state of mental linking, 3 stages of linking.

Light (Inspiration), Medium (Mind to Mind Connection), Deep (full control). You will learn more about your Spiritual Guides &

how they will work with you throughout your spiritual journey. You will be taught how to hold the connections,

to be able to use the power of there healing to assist others. You will be taught how to interpret the connections

& what is experienced whilst in the healing state. You will need time, dedication & love to be able to reach deep levels of connection. Your safety is always a priority when working within the metaphysical field, there is no need for protection techniques & in the world of Metaphysical Studies there is nothing but love received. Email directly through contact page for more information or to reserve your space, thank you. Workshops have limited spaces of 6 people.

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