Evidential Mediumship Workshop in

Appleton Thorn, Cheshire, UK

Rachel Beavan

De Angelus

Mental Mediumship

Evidential Workshop

16th & 17th November 2019

Ever felt the presence of someone close and not been able to understand it?

Then this is the workshop for you..

The art of spirit communication!

Rachel has worked in the professional field of mediumship for years, teaching and training students Internationally. Rachel has trained many mediums now practicing Internationally.

Rachel has the ability of evidential mediumship, trance communication, trance healing & transfiguration (physical mediumship).

Rachel herself was trained at the famous AFC in the Uk, & also TV medium Tony Stockwell, & the well known medium Dennis Binks (UK). Rachel has given evidence, time & again, with long term standing clientele who have been very loyal to her & her work.

Learn the correct way to create a connection to spiritual guides/angels

& understand how to communicate/listen to guidance. Learn to create a connection to loved ones, understand how to give clear evidence of who they are

& how to receive clear communicate to pass on to others.

"Mediumship is not mediumship unless

clear evidence can be given". Learn the art of communicate from your own loved ones &

how easy it is to pick up on who is there guiding you. Clairvoyance, Clairsentience & Clairaudiance.

The 3 ways of communication.

Learn to define between the three ways of communication

on the weekend workshop of Mediumship Development. Learn to bridge the two worlds together to bring forth comfort,

evidence & maybe even closure for others. Learn to define advise & guidance given in a clearer way for others. Email me via the contact page for more information, thank you. Workshops have limited spaces of 6 places.

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