Psychic Workshop in Appleton Thorn, Cheshire

The Art of Intuition

A workshop for the Empath!

The true ability to attune into your

intuition to assist self & others.

Cheshire, Appleton Thorn

Rachel Beavan

De Angelus

7th & 8th December 2019

Weekend - 10am - 5pm

Rachel is a naturally gifted Empath, who has an ability to be able to feel emotions linked to people & places. Rachel has visited many places where there have been activity of residual energy & imprint's of past experiences/events to be able to gain information/evidence of these experiences from the past & release old energy bringing a deeper understanding in a positive direction to all involved!

Rachel believes that intuition can assist you on your own journey as well as assist others in a positive direction to move forward with fear or trepidation. Using your empathy & intuition can also be an advantage within the alternative healing field.

Rachel also has the ability to see aura, colour, vibration around a persons body through a form of what is classified within the metaphysical field of clairvoyance.

Learn about chakras & the spiritual meanings behind it,

using vision, sensing and healing through the soul!

"Full weekend of studying the aura & intuition".

Full details will be covering the explaination of energy, the empathic nature of an individual, learning the indepth details of the Aura, color & connection. Intuitively linking into another persons auric field, linking into your own aura.

Meditative practice to connect to self, soul, spirit to answer the intuitive nature within. Disconnection from others emotions, & state of well being.

The weekend is packed with fun tools & techniques, pure developement

of your own intuitive empathic nature. Reaching deeper into your own soul & maybe connection to the spirit on more advance students. It is an intense, but fun workshop of finding the truth behind the spirit that you are! Workshops are limited due to no more than 6 students per workshops the work will be conducted with fun & the utmost respect for the soul! Workshop open to all who have an interest or having strong empathic/intuitive ability..

Email direct on the website via the contact page to gain further information or for bookings

Limited to 6 people only!

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