Original Tibetan Reiki Healing Workshop in Appleton Thorn, Cheshire

Appleton Thorn, Cheshire, UK

Rachel Beavan

De Angelus

Rachel is a Certified Tibetan Reiki Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher

Rachel has been practicing Healing for over 15 years & is passion that has come naturally to her. Rachel has been training Reiki Healing for over 10 years & has dealt with many clients world wide, all training given is Certified.

Reiki Level I Workshop - Saturday 7th September 2019 - 10am - 5pm

Reiki Level II Workshop - Saturday 5th October 2019- 10am - 5pm

Reiki Level Masters, Level III Workshop - Saturday 2nd November 2019 - 10am - 5pm

Book all 3 Levels (payment in advance) & receive a discount.

For more information regarding the Usui Reiki Healing Training email Rachel direct on the contact page.

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