Having vast experience of teaching a variety of international students, I am able to come to you to bring a level of teaching the progression of your spiritual abilities that may not have been previously available due to your geographical location.


Living in the Middle East for 20 years has brought me great knowledge of working along side many nationalities with different cultural beliefs & conditionings, therefore I adjust the teachings to bring forward a deeper understanding on all levels of Spiritualism & Metaphysics, now based in Appleton Thorn, Cheshire offering workshops in & around the world.

Unless otherwise stated, I am in in Cheshire & offering weekend/weekly classes as normal as well as private consultations & healing sessions by appointment. For updates on scheduled workshops, please join the website to be added to our regular newsletter.


Development Workshops: 


  • Intuition, Inspirational, Psychometry, Levels of Altered States

  • Evidential Medium-ship Teaching Week, Philosophy & Circle Work

  • Evidential Teaching Weekend, Awareness & Development.

  • Public Demonstrations of Mediumship

  • Spiritual Development Retreat, Meditations, Awareness, Disciplines & Development.

  • Self Awareness Retreat, Inspiration, Deepening & Understanding, Altered States.

  • Trance Mediumship Workshops

  • Trance Healing, Disciplines, Benefits, Development Workshops

  • Lecture or Special Event

  • Usui Reiki Healing Workshops

  • PLR Demonstration