Hypnotherapy, one to one consultations in Warrington, Cheshire.

Discount given on 4  sessions booked in advance

£70 for an hour 


Rachel has been a trained & qualified hypnotherapist for 13 years, & has worked with thousands of client's gaining great results!


Hypnosis is a term used, 'neuro-hypnotism,' meaning, 'sleep of the nervous system'.  When a person is under a state of consciousness, hypnotism, they display certain characteristics & propensities.  Hypnotherapy therefore is applied in order to modify a subjects behaviour, emotional content, & attitudes as well as a wide range of conditions of habits, anxiety, stress related illness, pain management & personal development.  Age Regression is used to eliminate unhealthy patterns of conditioning & can be used to create a healthier pattern for confidence & strength.

  • Revivification is used to remember past experience for therapy.  

  • Guided Imagery is used for relaxation & beneficial therapy.

  • Parts Therapy is to identify conflicting pasts of self that are damaging to ones being.

  • Repetition is repeated suggestion that is used for the client to accept changes.

  • Direct Suggestion as above is used for acceptance of change in patterns.

  • Indirect Suggestion is using, 'Interpersel,' techniques to cause effect.


Dr. James Braid was the, 'Father of Hypnosis', a Scottish born, physician.  His interest started in mesmerism & in 1842 he wrote Neurypnology or The Rationale of Nervous Sleep Considered in Relation with Animal Magnetism'.


Specialist in Spiritual Regression

One to one consultations in Cheshire.


Past life Regression is used to recover memories of past lives or incarnations & can be a very spiritual journey.  Under hypnosis questions will be asked to reveal identity & events, a similar technique used to recover memory therapy. PLR is a 2 hour appointment booking in Cheshire unless Rachel is working Internationally.

It can be a bridging technique for clients current life problems, by accessing the past life memory cell of the consciousness of the individual.  Using this method of memory can be amazing in curing a patient to embark on a new meaningful way of living.  As with all therapy when trauma is brought to consciousness of experience, symptoms can be alleviated.  Even just a short moment of memory cell of a past life can give enough insight into the patient’s present life.  As with any therapy it really does have to be experienced by yourself as an individual to go through the process & get a resolution.  A psychic or medium may be able to access this information in your energy field of which you have always been, but one really needs to get to the inner understanding to process and allow the solution to take place.  In my own experience of past lives & through years of practicing, it can be helpful with understanding relationships with others, bring you closer to family members, friends & co-workers.  It can alleviate physical symptoms of bodily pain which doctor’s find no answer & awaken the mind to become more open to evidence of existence of the afterlife.

Life Between Lives - Spiritual Regression.

One to one consultations in Cheshire.

Spiritual Regression can be achieved through hypnotherapy as with accessing a past life, a door of vibration called our super-subconscious, the access to the world of spirit, a bridging of two worlds coming together. LBL is a 2 hour appointment booking in Cheshire, unless Rachel is working Internationally.


Our ultimate goal as souls is to progress through knowledge, understanding & love, to create perfection & rejoin with the source of ultimate creation.  The universe is energy waves of vibration, levels of consciousness & colour, tone, vibration.  Once accessing future regression into the spirit world people describe many facets but in general the main concepts are:

Souls are intelligent energy of knowledge, which is immortal, vibrating on a certain rate of energy vibration, colour & tone.

The human body is attached via a silver chord to the soul & the soul would have chosen the life path, journey & karmic lessons through the operation of the physical body & personality of emotional temperament or ego.

Souls on the physical journey would have mentors, teachers, companions & co-workers & these beings of intelligence have been called guides, angels, councils or masters.  We also have a group of beings of light souls that are classified as soul clusters, groups of souls we call soul mates, people whom we share out lifetimes together.

Through regression people will gain knowledge & wisdom from the place where we reside, assisting with our short journey here on earth.  Learning about life lessons, relationships with others, meeting if companions & teachers.  From here we are gaining more knowledge of awareness, greater understanding of ourselves as beings of light energy & a deeper understanding of love.

N.L.P, one to one consultations in Cheshire.

1 hour £50 

Discount given on 4  sessions booked in advance


Neuro (Brain) Linguistic (Language) Programming (Programming the brain from negative to positive) Neuro Linguistic Programming is the systematic study of human performance.  Clearance of unhealthy patterns by changing the way you think. NLP is a 1 hour appointment booking in Cheshire unless working Internationally.

  • Make your goals more realistic

  • Create good eye contact

  • Create different ways of viewing the same situation

  • Meta Model - Recognise your own behavioural patterns

  • Create a harmonising rapport with another person

  • Reframing the thought process & change labels of suffering

  • Anchoring to strengthen personal resources

  • Sub-modalities to change unwanted behaviours

  • Language Patterns to recognise ones own behaviour

  • Swish to visualise unwanted habits

  • Parts integration to recognise different aspects of ourselves

1970s Richard Bandler & John Grinder produced the Meta Model whilst Bandler was a student & Grinder a Linguist, Milton Erickson an American Psychiatrist was the third model for NLP

Charm others to your way of beliefs:

  • First Impressions

  • Social Phobias

  • Body Language

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Esteem

  • Eye Contact

  • Voice Modulation