Clairvoyance & Mediumship Readings available one to one in Warrington, Cheshire.

Payment locally £40 or £70 for In-Depth


 Skype/Facetime/ Telephone or Botim (Dubai)

Mediumship & Clairvoyant Readings available Internationally.

Payment £45 or £75 for In-Depth (currency exchange charge - paypal).


Clairvoyant Consultations

Clairvoyance is a natural ability for Rachel where she will use her extrasensory perception to see future opportunities. Clairvoyance Rachel describes to be like watching a tv screen in her minds eye, however your free will is always taken into consideration.  This will provide you with guidance on health, relationships, family, work and finances.  


Rachel is overjoyed when she hears back from her client's on the accuracy that has been given in previous sittings. Please feel free to see the genuine testimonials on the website.

Evidential Mediumship Sittings 

Mediumship is the ability to be able to connect to your deceased loved one.  Rachel is able to see, hear & speak directly to the other side for you.  Each sitting brings it's own humour & love, the evidence is profound!  

Rachel's mediumship has been described as therapy, making her client's feel lighter & bringing a sense of peace.  Rachel has seen her client's entire outlook of life change after one session. 

Working with the spirit world is a great honour for Rachel, & every day she is deeply thankful for the love that is shared between the two worlds.

​Spiritual Assessments

Mediumship, & communication with your Spirit Guides.  

Rachel is able to see, hear & directly speak to your guides, regarding your life path & choices.   This form of sitting can provide great in-depth philosophy no matter what pathway you are going towards.  It will give you great insight into your soul purpose & soul connections.

There is a great depth to this form of sitting, accessing information of life's purpose,  spiritual growth & a deeper understanding of your relationship with others.  

A great choice of sitting for developing healers & mediums!


Tarot/Angel Card Readings

Psychic/Clairvoyance sittings using divination tools with tarot cards & angel cards.  Rachel has been using tarot cards/angel cards since her first stages of development which was in her 20's, providing guidance on work, personal, finance, health & family!  Private Sittings also offered with cards.


All work offered is treated seriously with care, compassion & kindness.  Rachel will bring peace & comfort or even perhaps closure for you as an individual.  Assisting with helping the bereaved cope with loss by delivering messages of accuracy & hope.


With any work carried out, all messages from the spirit world will be given clearly with the ability of all the 3 C's of Mediumship.  With years of experience of sitting for loved ones that have passed over, the spirit world never cease to amaze Rachel with the messages they bring forward, time & again, the information is profound.  


Rachel is a strong believer in, 'evidence', anyone can claim to be speaking to your grandmother, or father etc.  Unless someone can provide you with good solid evidence of the person they are speaking to, she believes that this would be more of a psychic link than a mediumship link.  


Rachel has been working Internationally with client's worldwide, America, Canada, Ireland, Europe, Australia & Middle East & has many clients who regularly return yearly for private sittings.  Rachel has also taught Metaphysical Studies in Europe & Middle East.